Yesterdays searchs had two hits for “Bruce Hill out of prison”.

Would a Mr T. Paine care to share anything with us before this matter is brought to the attention of his father care of the 6 o’clock news?


6 Responses to Helllo.

  1. Tom Paine says:

    I have no knowledge of this incident of which you speak.

  2. Murray says:

    But of course you would say that wouldn’t you.

    Headline now reads: “Paine denys police entanglement”.

  3. Old Fat Sailor says:

    He’s a bloody felon, does that get him a free go at Oz?

  4. Murray says:

    As I understanding it they actually tattoo the shackle marks on when you get your citizenship. That and a small potted plant… not sure whats thats about.

  5. Old Fat Sailor says:

    ToiToi? or whatever that organic napalm is called…

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