Portrait of a complete moron.

Kate Smurthwaite is the finest example of leftist brainwashing Al (The court ruled liar) Gore can produce. Give us your propaganda speil Katie:

This would be funny… ..it wasn’t so frightening. Some idiot called Stewart Dimmock has decided schools can’t show An Inconvienient Truth to kids because it doesn’t present “both sides of the argument”. What argument? Anybody with half a brain can see human activity is heating the planet up.

If you’ve got half a mind to join the left, you’re over qalified. Yes the old chestnut of “everyone knows”. Well possibly everyone at the East Basingstoke carpet munchers and Trotskite club but out in the real world we actually have a lot of very highly qalified people violently disagreeing over what is quite simply a theory.

Lets look at truth. “because it doesn’t present “both sides of the argument”. No. Because it is a full of unfactual statements and is missleading. It should no more shown as a documentry than Mein Kampf or Bambi.

And hows our love for due process. “Some idiot called Stewart Dimmock has decided”. No dipshit. Stewart hasn’t decided anything, he challenged the attempts to brainwash his and other peoples kids and your god was found wanting. He has even admitted himself that he falsified the information “for effect”. Thats not documentry, thats called “fiction”. Stewart took on you multi-millionare high priest and kicked his ass. Deal with it. Its called “reality”. Where people not on drugs live.

But never let the facts get in way of a full on sycophantic hissy fit…

Speaking of Al Gore though I really hope he gets the Nobel Prize and then decides he will run for US president after all. I suspect the world may genuinely end quite soon if he doesn’t…

</gush gush>?

Jesus get me a bucket! 

Could help noticing Katty that you did not address one single point raised by the court case. That would have required thinking on you part and thats never helpful when the goal is blind faith to the high priests of doom is it. You did however find time to produce the requisite conspiracy theory…

What I can’t seem to find out though are which of the mega-polluters are paying for his campaign.

Its people like you that condoms were invented for. 

Look Kat, Gores out, its all over the world is going to end, ok? Go ahead and top yourself now. We can recycle you as rose food because you are so full of it.

And for the sane. No, not one word is parody. This is the way their little brains work. God help the human race from these cretins.

5 Responses to Portrait of a complete moron.

  1. Mark says:

    The only way to be carbon neutral is to top yourself – recommended only for lefties who believe in gorebull warming and don’t want to get help.

    Leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

  2. Skyman says:

    Radio reports here are that Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. krm says:

    “anyone with half a brain can see”….

    Yes, indeed they can so see. However, anyone with a full brain can see the holes and non sequiturs and ofuscations and … on and on. If one’s synapses are in neutral, or one’s processor isn’t at Pentium level, a lot of his crap may be enticing. But it is still crap.

  4. ZenTiger says:

    That was an excellent rant.

  5. Trias says:

    The Nobel Peace Prize was won by your favourite expert. Maybe you can send the contents of the bucket as the Murray Piece-Of-Me Prize?

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