Well bugger me.

No one saw this coming.

Did they?

You know there are quite a few people and groups within New Zealand who take a dim view of threatening our PM.

Me. Most of the guys I served with, people with an ounce of belief in democracy, the New Zealand Police. Some other guys with initials that might stand for Saturdays and Sundays…. but doesn’t.

I don’t give a rats arse if you don’t like what we have-  and I’m asuming no one is going to be accusing me of being Helens numero uno fan – We have a system. Its clunky and fulls of holes and tends towards being abused. But its still a shitload better than people being full of holes under the one gun/one vote system. This is a can of very ugly worms.

The real problem we have now is that kiwis will quite simply NOT be able to grasp the reality of the threat.

When nothing else works a pig headed unwillingness to look facts in the face with see us through.


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