Welcome to Young Chubby Sailor.

Yes Old Fat Sailor the next generation has arrived.

Long time reader and frequent taunter OFS’s own MkII has produced a boy who is now the subject of contemplation as to which bad habit to be corupted by first.

I mean how much could a boy possibly be corrupted by the influence of one single maritime inclined ancestor?

I guess I would be the answer to that.

2 Responses to Welcome to Young Chubby Sailor.

  1. Young Chubby Sailor says:

    Yes I have arrived, after some dramatics, alarums and excursions ( it seems the old Hindoo Fakaier trick of stopping ones heart upsets the barber-surgeons- the things one learns in a past life in the Raj!) . No doubt OFS will corrupt me, he has already offered a pocket knife and kitchen matches! I can be seen on my sainted grandmother’s blog


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