One of the nastiest little men around.

Our Deputy PM.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen has again refused to apologise to Christchurch businessman Dave Henderson for calling him one of the country’s biggest tax evaders.

An obnoxious self impressed little jerk-off desperately in need of a smack in the mouth which he’d get if ever spoke to one person in the way he talks to all of us who uses parliamentry privilage to smear an innocent man and is happy to let the smear remain in Hansard when he has been exposed as a liar.

Hide asked how Henderson could ever get fair treatment from Inland Revenue “when the Deputy Prime Minister has already declared him guilty of criminal tax evasion” despite him never being charged or evidence presented against him.
“Why isn’t the Deputy Prime Minister big enough to apologise and say he got it wrong?” Hide said.

Well obviously he can’t Rodney. THAT was the whole idea anyway. He didn’t “get it wrong”, he did it deliberately. Its the socialist credo. Lie smear and take other peoples money. Good lord this just another day at the office for the sneering pommy history teacher.

You vote for him next year if you want, I have better things to do.

Wipe my ass, pick my nose. Whatever.


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