Karla Cardnos father is a better man than I am.

He wants to try to forgive Paul Joseph Dally.

I don’t.

I want him dead. For clarity thats the condition I want him in, its not a threat. Hes not human and is not worthy of humanity.

I remember the day 18 years ago when he took Karla because my entire company was in camp for a weekend ex and already to roll but the police didn’t bother to ask the army for help untill they were looking for a body.

Since he took 22 hours to kill her, yeah we might have made a difference. We’re not too clued up on right of entry and kicking in doors all just another day at the office. He would have got off on a technical but Karla could have been 31 not 13 for ever.

It was also my birthday so I don’t forget.

Do something not evil for once in your miserable existance Dally. Punch out.

“Sorry” is past its use by date.


One Response to Karla Cardnos father is a better man than I am.

  1. ZenTiger says:

    And this part of the story really gets my goat:

    Her stepfather Mark Middleton was arrested for threatening to kill Dally in 1999 in comments made to the media. He was convicted and received a nine-month suspended prison term…

    Convicted? Convicted for being pushed over the edge? The courts should have awarded him free counseling and had the decency not to add insult to such deep injury.

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