The bowl is full, for the love of god somebody flush!

Bully Boy Mallard steps out Tau the Muss and they duke it out over what one said about the other ones mother or some such juvenile crap.

Which 4th grade playground did this happen in again? Oh this one.

So who is right, who is wrong, who won who lost? Ok lets look at the… “merits” of this incident shall we.

1. Mallard the well known mouth, bully, muck raker and abuse hurler of the left can certainly dish it out but he can’t take it.

2. Tau the Muss – not a roll model himself in certain aspects of his personal life if what I’ve been told by parlimentry reporters is even half true – is hardly the man to play point the finger at Mallards personal life.

3. The psrsonal lives is not

     3.1 for general exposure. 

    3.2 of interest to most of us.

    3.3 the best use of the LIMITED amount of time that we pay this pair of buffons to spend there.

     3.4 relevent to pretty much anything.

4. The “he did it first” defence expires at age 5. Grow the fuck up.

5. Perhaps you gentlemen could find something better to do with your time while elelements of the current government are working hard to dismantle our democracy. Just piss of and let there be by-elections comes to mind.

So the judges decision is:

Mallard – dish it out but can’t take it muck raker – 8.

Using the “my dad just died so I didn’t have control of myself” defence – 2.

Total score – 10

Tau the Muss. Descending to the level of a despised muck raker and known thug hit man for Dear Leader -2 (It wasn’t that far to go really was it).

Ragging on a guy whos dad just died – 97 Thats just being a complete asshole. Again, not so much of trip.

Getting that prick to lose his rag + 89 (It was a bad bad thing to do and we do not condone the action… yet still fun to watch)

Final score – 10

Well done guys you are both equal losers. Nice to see some bi-partisan politcal consensus that doesn’t invlove cross dressing.

Our “leaders” ladies and gentlemen of the world. Why we don’t need clowns.

$10 on Tau in the rematch.


The word you not see in this post.


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