Notes for Rick.

Point 1. In future when I give you a top of the line blog don’t go around getting arrested by US immigration because it lowers the tone of the site…. ok well possibly not THAT site but you catch my drift.

Point the second, next time this happens you call me FIRST. Because as you know I know other people who also know people who can be helpful beynd having a group hug and wearing “Free Rik” t-shirts (no offence guys I think its cute as all get out but some times a phone call is the goer). We’d have had you out a lot sooner is the bottom line.

C. Don’t go back to Fiji. No reason, just not a good plan hmmm?

Fifthly, this is a map of a calendar, read it, memorise it. LEAVE BEFORE your visa expires. Counting is an important skill!



5 Responses to Notes for Rick.

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Damn furriners, smell o Vegimite anyway!

  2. Rick Giles says:

    I know you could have sorted me out quicker!

    It took about a week to realise I’d been a week in jail and it wasn’t funny anymore. As soon as I qualified for a pencil and a napkin to write on I was able to write a letter to my friend Mel.

    I’m all about ‘Inform the Embassy’ and get ‘Amnesty International and fellow travellers.’ I want to know what legal remedies I have, which one to take, who to file them with!

    Instead I get back news about Melissa’s sick dog and soudoku puzzles from my Mum!? And we’re taking our legal advice from the prosecutors at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

    By the time I’d conveyed the priority my unsavvy pals were just starting to get some wheels turning- and then it was over.

    Next time I’ll write your phone number on my forearm then eh?

  3. Murray says:

    I’ll get you a permenant marker for Christmas then shall I?

    So where next, Fiji again to look into this whole assasination plot thing, Iran to sell bibles, Parkistan to help spread democracy perhaps?

    We’d just like to know so we can prewarn the right civili rights groups.

  4. Rick Giles says:

    Maybe I should make the next stop Wellington. Know where I can buy a good helm or something?

  5. […] There’s Murray (Hitting Metal With Hammer) telling me off […]

    ED: It was simply advice young Ricardo. Which to date you have never taken… to your detriment. Pay attention to us old bastards sometimes, we didn’t get to be this old by being stupid.

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