Random question

November 28, 2007

Is Telecom about to outsource work to China and make a whole pile people unemployed for Christmas?

Just a question.

New trebuchet rolls out of the workshop.

November 26, 2007


“Sir Rodney” is a wheeled trebuchet with a fixed counterweight. He has been built to the same specs as Tiny – my swinging counterweight trebuchet – so that we can do some practical field testing. Sir Rodney has 26kgs of lead bolted to his throwing arm and seems very enthusiastic about this whole “throwing stuff” concept based on dry firing tests.

My co-defendants and I will be taking Tiny and Sir Rodney out for a full field test this evening when it cools off. There may be pictures… they may be on the news or in the papers, who can say. 

Sir Rodney was designed the week that Jonny Hart died and is named after the goofy looking knight in  Jonny’s Wizard of Id cartoons. I’ve always found wheeled trebuchets to look pretty goofy so hes stuck with it. No plan for a Gwendolen yet although there may be a Bride of Chucky in the new year.

UPDATE: Heres a couple of pictures I grabbed last night after we finished getting ready for todays school visit… the one I left the camera at home for.

sir-rodney-end-on.jpg sir-rodney.jpg

But for those of you playing at home with a ballistic inclination here are some numbers for you to plot.

Counterweight  Distance

    14.0kg             19.0M
    15.5kg             23.5M
    17.0kg             27.5M
    18.5kg             30.5M
     20.0kg            32.6M  

I’m not sure why a wheeled trebuchet would “more accurate” given that it has more movement for a start, but what it does have is more range due to a more efficient action with the counterweight falling as near as straight down as possible without wasting energy swinging around the axle. I haven’t plotted exactely how much more range yet but after one of our friends “fixed” him the day before I’ve had to do some retrograde work to get him back to what I like to call “functional”. 

Jesus fucking christ people!

November 24, 2007

What the hell is WRONG with you guys????

A murderer was paroled to live next door to the daughter of the woman he killed.

In the latest blunder by the Parole Board and the Corrections Department, the killer spent up to a month living beside the daughter in Hamilton after his release this year.

Ok lets dum this RIGHT down for you. The ONLY way to stop you tools making parole fuck-ups is to STOP PAROLING KILLERS.

Give it some thought, but not too much, I fear there isn’t enough brain to maintain normaal breathing functions otherwise.

BTW its coming up to christmas so the prison mangers will be getting into there seasonal let em all out to save money on staff splurge. On the first day of xmas the parole board gave to us… one psyco killer… come on, you all know the words… two P dealers…. just the assualt victims at the back … three repeat offenders…

Judge Blakie – Defender of dignity & respect.

November 24, 2007

OURS for a change.

“I have reached a clear conclusion that the protest act not only constituted offensive behaviour, but in all the circumstances and balancing exercises cannot be protected by the Bill of Rights.”

Anzac Day was a time for sombre reflection, which held an aura of dignity and respect, Judge Blaikie said.

Good work that man.

You go that dipshits? You do not have the right to burn my flag.

Now to have the punisment fit the crime… gimmie a match.

Note: Work out ther categories for yourselves. Its either self evident or you’re lost.

Do you speak Japanese?

November 22, 2007

You’re fucking welcome.

Visit Kranji some time for some perspective, your bill is in the mail.

As an aside, my father was decorated by your King for his part in keeping your country free. Was yours?

“Distinguished chivalry, gallantry, sacrifice, or loyalty” in contributing to the freedom of independence of Malaysia.” Interesting words.

Gratitude is another good one.

Your issue would also appear to be with the current Malaysian government. Not the one from 50 years ago.

New Cat Blogger cartoon from Ferdy and his human pet Bruce.

November 21, 2007

All I can say is OUCH.

An incompetent minister under siege.(Not by me)

November 21, 2007

But to be fair its not like Labour can actually find a competent one on their side of house anyway.

I particularly liked the observation from Bill English that labour can only make their bill work by ignoring it.

If you’re in Wellington today get out there at lunch time and remind these arrogant bastards that they work for US, not the other way round and there’s pink slips in someones future.

WTF is this “law of common sense”? Show me where this law is in our statutes.

“Period of regulated speech”

November 20, 2007

And that is the only reason I need to say that this bill is anti-democratic.

Clark hates deomcracy and is not willing to be subjected to a level palying field of any kind. I don’t give a crap what sock puppets say otherwise. Back in your box Davis or just get your snout back into the public funding through so we don’t have to hear you at least.

Get your arses out there in Wellington tomorrow and have your say while Dear Leader still permits you to. Don’t be suprised if your door gets kicked in at 3am by some Commando Barbie wannabe though. She gets to decide who is a terrorist now.

Attention “Tom”

November 17, 2007

WTF is your festering dumasss stupid bloody flyblown turd of an* email address now that you have “upgraded”?

“Upgraded” is evidently Ozspek for giving some tool lots of money to render everything you used to use your computer for non-functional and to slow your machine down to the point where even Nigerian scammers can’t be arsed waiting for the check question to resolve.

*Language my be affected by frustion.

Alternately call me.

The rest of you talk amongst yourselves… except Richard, you get back on your own side of the pool with your “all right wingers this” and “all right wingers are that” crap-speak. All you left wingers make these stupid sweeping generalisations all the time.


November 16, 2007

When is someone going to get this dick and his brain surgeon side-kick off my tv screen?