Bradford bans Santa!

Bradford identifies the next risk to our childrens health – SANTA! 

Oh come on don’t be so suprised you knew it was coming.

Green Party MP Sue Bradford has tabled a bill in parliament to prevent the image of Santa or “Father Christmas” being displayed in all retail areas because she says his obese figure sends “the wrong message” to children during the holiday period.

Of course it has nothing to do with the socialist agenda of dismantling all aspects of our Christian heritage does it….

She went on to add that such blatant displays did “make minority groups feel excluded” and that the removal of such symbols would “go a long way towards transitioning New Zealand into being a fully inclusive society”.

On the other hand Clark wants to give him a job working for her.

He KNOWS when you’re awake.

He KNOWS when you’re alseep.

He KNOWS when you’ve been good or bad. She WANTS this man on staff. Then theres the whole red suit deal.

You just couldn’t make this sort of thing up…. could you?  Apparently you can. But wait long enough and satire becomes reality.


3 Responses to Bradford bans Santa!

  1. dave says:

    I thought fat people were a minority group.

  2. Murray says:

    Wait long enough and lefties will ALWAYS exceed anything we can dream up.

    Makes you want to yak doesn’t it.

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