Labour MP – No law applies.

Another case of the simian triptic of the free pass as embodied in the person of the speaker of the house. 

Anywhere else, anyone else, any other party and the violent offender would not have had the trauma of damp paper on the back of the hand.

Cabinet minister Trevor Mallard apologised to Parliament today for his fight in the lobby and Speaker Margaret Wilson said she was not going to ask the Privileges Committee to hear a complaint about it from Rodney Hide.

That is almost certainly the end of it as far as Parliament is concerned, although Mr Hide is still considering going to the police.

This is Helen Clarks “new standards of accountability”.

Margret Wilson is – as she always has been – utterly unfit for and entirely partisan in the role of speaker of the house.

And finally no, it is NOT the end of the matter. You work for us and every three years we get the oportunity to fire you.

Plan for it.


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