Len Richards is a fuckwit.

When you get to the bottom of the hole STOP DIGGING you Harry Stamper wannabe.

A man who swung a megaphone at a protester (which is code for smacked him in the head) in a scuffle outside the Labour Party conference says it never hit the target.

 Well thats alright then, you only TRIED to assault him. You fucked it up so its all ok. Yeah….. no. Being an incompetent lying thug is not a valid defence. Lets just picture the spittle flecked response from Helens gang of sneering front bench back bench bully boys if it had been a National Party confrence where protesters were being beaten up by delegates and arrested for trying to stop shall we.

Way to make it go away dickless.

Len Richards ladies and gentlemen, the best delegate National could buy.


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