Yeah… no.

Fiji police call for respect from NZ

Respect is earned, not demanded at the point of gun. You’re a bunch of thugs protecting a military dictator while kidnapping and assaulting our nationals and you want US to respect YOUR sovereignty???

Try another bananna, this ones a Constutional Monarchy, not a republic. We elect our governments gun boy.


2 Responses to Yeah… no.

  1. Murray, take a pill. The two nationals you mention are Fijian born with dual nationality. The govt they kicked out was a corrupt groups of fucktards (not dissimilar to NZ labour) and by all accounts the military have widespread support from the fijian natives and fijian indians alike.

  2. Murray says:

    Bill serously when are you and the other I heart Banarama crowd going to “take a pill”, a big fucking blue one buddy because reality is calling and you guys are out to lunch.

    Stop making excauses and coming up with “its ok this week because…” crapola.

    I do not give the tiniest shit if these guys were personally on the first canoe or did their citizen cermony last Thursday. They are citizens. There is no fucking discussion after that.

    This is a military dictatorship throwing its weight around and they need to be stopped.

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