To quote me

“The fact is that lefties love democracy – right up untill they get a result they don’t like. Then all bets are OFF.”

This is a regualar feature of online polls –

The result of the poll – asking “Is NZ becoming a less free and democratic country?” – was running at about 80 per cent “yes”.

But at 3pm, it switched and a massive majority now said “no”.

Damn its almost like one person decided the result was politically unsound and decided to change it.

The poll was pulled and’s technical team has established that a single hacker managed to vote more than 5000 times in a period of about 10 minutes.

Uh huh.

But wait its only “disafeected yooff” so no harm.

A person identifying themselves as an Auckland teen who is interested in politics contacted the Herald by email and phone this afternoon. He admitted that he had changed the results and apologised for distorting debate.

Lets not factor in that its not unheard of for this sort of thing to come out of public service addresses.

Democracy? Not if it doesn’t suit them. No doubt a future minister.

“The purpose of government is whatever the government says it is”

Helen Elizabeth Clark

That final score again:

The corrected poll – giving the hacker one vote as a nod to democracy – reads like this: 3259 votes cast in total, 81 percent of people (2626 votes)said yes, NZ is becoming less free and democratic but 19 percent (633 votes) disagreed.

You’re better off with Labour? On what planet?


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