Faint swoon shock horror!

Seriously how the FUCK did we get to the top of the food chain without softcock prissy pussies trying to force us all to live in bloody teletubby land where all the birds sing and no animals get eaten?

The answer is of course we got there BECAUSE these evolutionary dead ends weren’t there and they are in fact a result of the strong protecting the weak TOO WELL.

Once upon a time a boy had to go and kill a carnivore with nothing more than sharpened grass and kiwifruit slices before he could be called a man. Now he just needs to get a “deferred sucess” on his NCEA and its all good.

These are goat heads, someone killed them and wants to clean the skulls. Welcome to hunting 101 for the non-latee’ slurping members of the population. Sniff some smelling salts and move on.

Another by product of not exposing the weak at birth is IRD staff and pommy history teachers.

Like Michael Cullen.

Hands up everyone else who wants to see Sneering Cullen take on a grizzly with a stick and some sharpened mangos.


4 Responses to Faint swoon shock horror!

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Curried goat, no too shabby with some Conch fritters and a bottle of Red Stripe, and there is this ceremonial herb that goes with such a meal…..

  2. Richard says:

    Clearly it’s a consciousness-raising stunt intended to draw attention to the very graphic and horrific goings-on at Greenlea Premier Meats.

    The Three Billy Goats Gruff did not die in vain.

    Meat is murder!

  3. Murray says:

    BEEERRRRRR Incorrect.

    Meat is tasty.


  4. joy says:

    and we all know what soylent green is. Now excuse me while I go find a nice juicy steak! mmmm!

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