Do you speak Japanese?

You’re fucking welcome.

Visit Kranji some time for some perspective, your bill is in the mail.

As an aside, my father was decorated by your King for his part in keeping your country free. Was yours?

“Distinguished chivalry, gallantry, sacrifice, or loyalty” in contributing to the freedom of independence of Malaysia.” Interesting words.

Gratitude is another good one.

Your issue would also appear to be with the current Malaysian government. Not the one from 50 years ago.


2 Responses to Do you speak Japanese?

  1. WebWrat says:

    My old man … DFC & bar. Two tours in Wellingtons over Europe.
    Founding member of No 40 RNZAF and pioneered transport around the Pacific (unarmed) from Whenuapai in NZ’s first C-47 (DC-3).
    He then went back to England, turned down CO’s job for 75 Squadron and did a tour in Mosquitos.

    My pride in my old man knows no bounds.

  2. Hmmm… When I was a grad student, I had a Chinese-Malaysian classmate who said that the British had instituted the Malay affirmative-action scheme so that the same tragedy which befell American Indians would not happen to the Malay (his words, more or less). This sort of suggests that the imported Chinese and Indian workers would grab all the goodies if not stopped by law.

    This was in the mid-Eighties. He said that Malays had preference in schooling and employment (which was why he was going to school in the US). He also said that periodically the Malaysian government would crack down on non-Muslim religions, which was why he had to send his sister a Bible: they couldn’t be sold in stores.

    From what he said, I gathered that the ethnic Chinese were sort of the Jews of Malaysia — industrious sharp businessmen who were resented for their wealth, and I thought he said that this was true of the Indians too, but apparently not.

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