Student City!

Where the streets are paved with broken glass, the  drunken slappers try hitch rides by flashing their tits… and the wifi is good right next to the duck pond in the square.

Today I urge you to vote…. ACT!


Carry on.


8 Responses to Student City!

  1. Rick Giles says:


    Carrying on.

  2. Murray says:

    Yes we had noticed.

  3. krm says:

    Tough choice – give ride to drunken flasher and risk regurgitation in one’s car, or not?

  4. MurrayToo says:

    Totally irrelevant to the topic but I’m sure you will be interested in this:

  5. krm says:

    I loved the vid clip (linked above).

  6. Murray says:

    Not sure that throwing carrots at a guy in a bunny suit qualifies as “science” though.

  7. barnsleybill says:

    you must be describing the world capital of beige that is palmie?
    A singularly unpleasant place best avoided by all except the most average amongst us.

  8. krm says:

    It may not be “science” but it looked like fun (well, OK, not the bunny/carrots part – that was pretty silly – but the pitching a flaming bowling ball at a motor home has to rank up there pretty well)

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