When in Rome…

So anyway here I was living in “student city” and not getting invited to all the cool parties and wondering why.

In scarfy town therestwo major players in the party stakes. Linton Camp, home to plastic credit card behind the badge battalion and Massey U where the sheep are nervous.

Ok green hat work I’ve been there done that was issued the camo t-shirt. Too old, too fat, too lazy for that thanks very much.

So for my first year of a BA with a classical mjor I will be taking…
Early Medieval England – byo plague sores.
Greek History – THIS IS… where are we again?
Intro to latin – well how hard can be, the pope uses it all the time.
Warfare in Ancient Greece and Rome – Watch the extra credit for bringing my own ballista to class and slipping the tutor his very owbn set loric segmentata.

Heh heh.

Next term the Crusades… will I get into trouble for bringing a couple of armed and armoured Hospitaletrs to class do you think?       


9 Responses to When in Rome…

  1. Bryan says:

    Way OT, but am I wrong in concluding that this woman is a jihadi:


    I know I shouldn’t be looking at the BBC for reliable news but no time right now to scout.

  2. Rick Giles says:

    The Pope uses a special kind of latin, so I hear. Not the usual.

    Does this mean your keyboard is broken? And, are you actually studying? Because that would be highly cool.

  3. Murray says:

    Bryan no no no no, one of her neighbours have given us a sound bite saying she is definately NOT a muslim.

    Her name is Karem Abula Mahomand III or similar, shes from Somalia and was demanding that the oversized microlite take her to Australia… but NOT a Muslim.

    Rick I design and build machines that throw bowling balls through walls and have events just for doing this. I think I passed “highly cool a couple of off ramps ago.

    Remember Bryan NOT a Muslim.

    For some reason we needed to be told this.

    Several times.

  4. Bryan says:

    Well, Murray, that’s a relief. I’ll have to examine my prejudices. It was unfair of me to assume that just because she had a knife and was threatening to blow up the plane and ….

  5. Murray says:

    …was know to the Muslim community.

    And the police.

    And Winston Peters.

    And also McDonalds by the look of it.

    Meanwhile Tim Blair seems to be hosting a fat Muslim/Somali joke-a-thon. http://timblair.net/ee/index.php/weblog/comments/flight_fight/

  6. Bryan says:

    Can’t be an observant Muslim if she’s showing her tummy amongst strange men, unless they took her black potato sack off to check for a suicide belt.

    Could be she’s the only non-observant Muslim in New Zealand and so they decided to get rid of her by telling her to hijack a plane by killing the pilots.

    The PC brigade will probably engineer it so she gets a job as a cleaner at the aiport

    Meanwhile the British public is disagreeing with their dhimmi archbishop over the introduction of Sharia law at the rate of about 20000 comments over the past 20 hours or so. That’s one every five seconds:


  7. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Greek an Latin eh? Ave puer! Now you can watch the Viking camp scene in the 13th warrior and translate with the old fart (not this one the one in the movie).

  8. Blair says:

    Hmmmm well sometimes Muslims are crazy because they’re Muslim, and sometimes Muslims are crazy because they’re crazy. I’d say this was a case of the latter.

  9. Murray says:

    But Blair shes “not a Muslim”… she migh help out when they’re busy but shes not one k.

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