Update on stuff.

For those who have asked father is doing well in the not being dead stakes and was released from hospital today.

Jessica however isn’t doing so well but I can’t get her back to the doctor for at least a week since they have this give us money now policy. At 17 shes in bonus time though. 

In other news my study has been confirmed and I’ll be dusting off my short pants and heading back to school in two weeks.


One Response to Update on stuff.

  1. krm says:

    Glad to hear pops is doing well (the getting old thing certainly sucks, but no one seems unduly jacked to embrace to alternative any sooner than absolutely necessary).

    Best wishes for the cat as well. I’ve been through a couple of geriatric dogs (living well past average for their breed). It is tough to watch them slipping, but they are effectively family so you do what you can.

    Short pants again? Have you been dieting and working out in preparation?

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