Well this isn’t stressful at all.

Well having managed to scrape up the money to get Jess an operation I get to take her in tomorrow morning and then wait for a call to tell if to come and get her… or her body. As the doc is giving her a better than lotto shot of dying while shes out.

This was the deal I made with her 17 years ago and shes stuck by her end of it and I’ll be sticking by mine.

I’m told animals don’t have souls and consequently they don’t go to heaven, however according to my personal belief system if there exists a place without animals the word I’d use for it isn’t “heaven”. So if there are those of you out there like me who are godless heathens who are destined to “rot in hell” please spare a good wish for my small friend tomorrow.


6 Responses to Well this isn’t stressful at all.

  1. llew says:

    Fingers crossed for her.

  2. krm says:

    Best wishes for the success of the day’s events.

  3. Letterman says:

    Heaven is described as a place “where the lion lies down with the lamb”, so I reckon that animals do go to Heaven. I have an older cat as well, and am contemplating the odds of putting him under to get his teeth done. He has some sort of heart echo, so I empathise with the weight of the decision you have made for your cat Jess. My goodness, we really do get attached to them, eh? Hope all goes well for tomorrow.

  4. There is a place. Right across the street from Fiddler’s Green.

    Piddler’s Green.

    Except all the assembled soldiery let ’em hang out at the bar, eating the jerky.

  5. Hey – dude, this was a better reason that the trebuchet event. You know what I mean.

    Just sayin’.

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