Winning the propaganda war

one indoctrinated leftie at time.

Currently where I live is frequenty by lefties who like to do things like wear Bush = Hitler T’s and tell me why its impossible for NASA to have reached the moon etc etc. In kind I invite them to learn about this exciting new concept called soap and perhaps they might like to fuck off and die because no I wont be taking off the NZ/US flag pin I wear.

But every now and then you get one who is like a demented Mormon trying to make quota who trys to save me by simply demonstrating the “facts” to me.

Unfortunately in the war of facts in the global warming climate change struggle these guys are as well equiped as the childrens crusade.

However every now and then you get one who is willing to have a rational scientific debate. It goes like this:

“Chemist” But co2 is a dangerous gas that drives global temperatures! We MUST reduce emmisions or DIE!

Right Wing Fascist Bastard: No it doesn’t.

“Chemist” Yes it IS!

RWFB: Mmmm no it isn’t and shouting doesn’t make you right, it just makes you loud and wrong.

“Chemist”: But the data PROVES IT!!!

RWFB: What data?

“Chemist”: … well… ALL the data.

RWFB: Specifically?

“Chemist”: Well its all well established! (Yes ever sentance IS finished with an exclaimation mark when you’re young and idealistic)

RWFB: Well then what say you scurry off to your computer and get some data from a source pre-1990 on CO2 levels in relation to global temperture for me and take a quick squiz at the iceage, the Medieval hot period and the mini-iceage.

“Chemist”: Fine I will!  (See theres that bloody ideological exclaimation mark again)

A period of time elapses.

“Chemist”: I’ve discovered something! (Yep still there)

RWFB: No you’ve learned something. It was already discovered.

“Chemist”: Its turns out that CO2 levels are actually following temperature change not driving it…

RWFB: Shit. Who’d a thunk it. (You see the conservative delivers a dead pan response because his prey is already the walking dead and the game is all but over)

“Chemist”: But this is the oposite of what was in Al Gores film…

RWFB: The politician?

“Chemist”:… er yeah…. He … … …lied to us?

RWFB: Quod erat demonstrandum. (Because we conservatives are classy at the kill)

And so I have now sewn the seeds of discontent amongst the great unwashed because “chemist” will now tell all his freinds and because hes not a right wing fascist bastard they’ll actually listen.

Which is important because we need to have a rational science, not hysteria, diven evaluation of what is going on. And as we discussed in many follw up conversations we are currently putting all climate eggs in one basket based of a false premise and the only answers we’ve come up with seem to invlove more taxes.

Rather than funding Genetix’s personal wealth for ugly fans that stop turning about the exact time that power usage goes through the roof and the coal fired plants go from idle (70%) to full (100%) I’d like to see some serous everts in the direction of:

A. Finding out what is happening.

B. What if anything can or should be done.

C. Some ideas for adapting to any change. Adapt or die would be what evolution has told us are the choices. We can learn from the dodo or be the dodo.

Feel free to try this yourselves.

One more us, one less of them.


4 Responses to Winning the propaganda war

  1. scrubone says:

    That, my friend is a brilliant post.

    It actually made me laugh out loud.


  2. Alisa says:

    You just got lucky and stumbled upon the only lefty with half a brain left intact. Can you tell that I am pessimistic?

  3. krm says:

    The Dawn of the Light of Reason is a beautiful thing to see. Alas, many of the Young Lefties exist in a permanent state of eclipse (and cling to it desperately).

  4. […] for the First Time… Filed under: Environment, Fun — scrubone @ 9:14 pm Murrary has a great post about… well you just have to read it. “Chemist” But co2 is a dangerous […]

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