Those who do not learn from history

are doomed to repeat it.

Consequently you actually NEED to see this film.

Poland has always suffered from a serious case of geography. During WWII this resulted in being the meat in a Nazi/Communist power grab sandwich. Leading to Stalin ordering the murder of 25,000 Polish officers, chaplains, landowners, a prince, officials, soldiers, refugees, university professors, physicians, lawyers, engineers, teachers, writers, journalists and pilots.

What we now collectively refer to as the Katyn Massacre or Katyn Forrest Massacre was denied by the Soviet government untill 1990 and even then they declined to actually allow any prosecution of the perpetrators. This attitude as now changed slightly and the state media have elected to go with a denial again to celebrate the release of Katyn, Directed by 81 year old Andrzej Wajda father, Jakub, was murdered at Katyn, as were family members of many of the production team.

A 10 minute video shot by the Germans in 1943 with an English commentry is here.

Some times having a common enemy doesn’t mean you should be an ally.


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