Update on the that gout thing.

Now on crutches and waiting for payday to get medication.

Tips for new players:

1. If you have an attack of gout do NOT repeat NOT walk 3k’s to get the bus.

2. If you have a raft of medcial issues so large you could have resuced the Lost cast & crew together why not study for a year or so and get your doctors visits on a silver platter. Beats the crap out of paying for them and you get a BA at the end of it.

Sweet… except the incredible debilitating pain, nausea and vomiting in the interem of course.


2 Responses to Update on the that gout thing.

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Gouty Grump here…get yerself some Colchicine. Coupla tablets two hours apart knocks out my gout attacks. Also stock up on canned cherries. You MAY find that cherries, eaten at about 10 per day, give immunity to gout. Also Cinnamon has similar properties. Stay away from seafood, and try to eat less protein when you’re having an attack.

    300 mg Allopurinol keep all but about the last 5% of it away from me. Also, be advised that any interruption in bowel function (shits and gits) can set off an attack also, so stay away from the foods that set off such looseness.

    Best of luck with the Disease of Kings.

  2. gicht says:

    Gout arthritis certainly is a dreadful issue, my own man is struggling with the disease for some months now. It puts a lot of stress on me, witnessing a loved member of the family and friend suffer from pain so often. Sticking with a good diet program for prevention and making use of the right treatment methods is obligatory. Personally, I would urge any one who is currently noticing primary signs or symptoms of joint pain to by any means take this absolutely serious. Better speak to a doctor as soon as possible and adapt your nutrition to prevent the outbreak of the disease. It is definitely no fun, thats for sure! Search effective therapy options and keep clear of purine rich food, beer etc to take prophylactic measure!

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