Lets New Zealandise that headline!

50 men were taken into custody today and will face charges inculding assault & disorderly behaviour.

Two victims were treated for shock and will recieve counselling.

But happliy for the Anglosphere it happened in Oz so it reads like this:

Bingo for Bear’s bikers! Bandits’ number’s up

Police said the robbers raided the Regents Park Sporting Club about 8.50pm yesterday, ordering people at the bar to lie on the floor.

But the robbers failed to notice 50 members of the Southern Cross Cruiser Club enjoying a drink in the nearby auditorium.

Failed the all important “are you a dickhead test” there by the look of it. And for your viewing pleasure we even have CCTV footage. Sweeeet. 

Nice window dive… ashole.

Good show chaps… right then, back to the bar for tea and medals eh?

You can visit them here and if they’re quick they’ll put up a paypal Beer Button.*

*Note on this occasion DB may be exhanged with VB.


One Response to Lets New Zealandise that headline!

  1. dad4justice says:

    Good on them. Well done.

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