The Gore Effect goes global!

Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warmingOver the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile — the list goes on and on.

If we don’t get that jetsetting asshole off our planet soon we’ll all be hunting polarbears in on the equator!

And for your reading pleasure the lefties just keep on mouthing without enaging brain.

You’re still a dick matt. You’ve always been a dick and you’ll die a dick. A cold one wearing speedos in a snowstorm waving a save the world from global warming sign. penis ambulant. See I am learning latin


One Response to The Gore Effect goes global!

  1. matt the truck says:

    You are such a sad man. What a loser…. fucktard.

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