Do you spek ENGRISH???

Apparently if I want to research my theory on what the ditches were doing so far from the wall at Troy then I need to be able to read German or French.

I’m sorry, you can’t be an historian, you speak the languge of a people used to WINNING wars!

Alrighty then can someone point me in the direction of an expert in chariot warfare who isn’t john Warry (already got that one, lots of pretty pictures, people inserting semi-edged bits of bronze into eachother in the most apaling manner – all good stuff).

Please not the essay I actually submit will not be using “the aliens did it” methjod of filling in the blanks.


One Response to Do you spek ENGRISH???

  1. krm says:

    EPA required setbacks? Wetlands regulations? A zoning issue perhaps?

    Being American, many in the Anglosphere would assert that I can’t speak English either, so I probably can’t help much.

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