And this shit has to bloody well stop too.

Who the fuck told Maori that they had suddenly aquired the rights over the bodies of OTHER people against their wishes?

Ivy May Ngahooro’s body was taken yesterday, allegedly by her estranged daughter Joanne, and was last night believed to be lying in a home in Taumarunui – against the dead woman’s wishes.

Mrs Ngahooro, who was Pakeha, died on Friday after a long battle with cancer and had been lying at Seddon Park Funeral Home in Hamilton.

She was due to be buried in the city at 11am yesterday – as per her will – but a dispute broke out between her family as she was being loaded into the hearse at 10am.

It is understood Mrs Ngahooro’s estranged daughter arrived from Taumarunui with four carloads of supporters wanting to take her mother back to a marae. The group reportedly pulled the coffin from the hearse, loaded it into a four-wheel-drive and left the funeral home.

This is illegal, amoral and just plain bloody sick. Its time for the police to fucking well harden up and do their bloody jobs.

Mrs Ngahooro’s niece Trish Scoble, who is the executor of her will, said the funeral director tried to stop her aunt’s body from being taken while other relatives called the police.

The director then followed Joanne’s car, which was stopped at a police roadblock where the Maori liaison officer tried to negotiate between the two parties for an hour.The police were unable to do anything, however, and Joanne and her supporters eventually drove off with the body, leaving Mrs Scoble and her family distraught that a loved one could be snatched so easily.

Bull.fucking.shit This is theft, there is no “cultural right” to steal someone else body. It is illegal to offer an indignity to a body though. Get of your fat donut padded asses and fucking well arrest the whole damn lot of them and if they fight you SHOOT THEM! If they wont respect the law they can at least learn to fear it.

What a country, carloads of ganges roaming the place taking peoples bodies and hiding being their race to do it.

Fuck off.

Right I have now used the word fuck in double figures before 9am so I’m going to go have a cup of tea. Soothing and a an actual cultrual right.


One Response to And this shit has to bloody well stop too.

  1. Blair says:

    For some reason I am reminded of Fred Phelps and his inbreds turning up to protest American Soldiers’ funerals.

    To combat this, the Americans have formed a volunteer security force – the Patriot Guard Riders – to protect mourners from these wankers.

    I wonder if perhaps it is time for there to be a volunteer force of New Zealand men dedicated, at the request of grieving relatives, to protecting the bodies of our deceased countrymen from the forces of tribalism?

    Clearly the Piggies are no longer up to the task.

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