Clark smears, Cullen lies, labour continues to flog dead horse.

And all in one episode that just makes Key look better.

This article firstly demonstrates something about Key have an ability that is quite simply impposible for Clark to comprehend let alone possess.

He says “oops, sorry, my bad”.

Even then labour tries to spin it as a blunder and a controversy that is evidence of a “secret agenda”. Expect to ehar that phrase trotted out like an obedient poodle over the enxt few months.

But the real gems a deeper down in this tale of lies and decpetions with acusations made under parliamentry privilage and refuted by the actual people invloved.

Meanwhile, another controversy Labour has targeted will have a sequel today when Northland’s Bay Report newspaper, in which Mr Key was quoted as saying, “We would love to see wages drop”, issues a clarification.

The Bay Report will say it accepted that any impression its report gave that Mr Key wanted wages to drop was incorrect.

Again a case of “opps, sorry, my bad”. Of course this is just red rag to a dying socialist and labour continued to threash their party line but with the added joy of another Cullen lie.

Dr Cullen also claimed Mr Key had tried to bully the editor and newspaper into sacking the reporter who wrote the article.

Hey Ed did Big Bad John bully you?

Northern Advocate general manager Tony Verdon said Dr Cullen’s version of events was incorrect.

“There was never any question of anyone being bullied or sacked for it. That was never an issue and it was never raised with us.”

“Incorrect” would of couse be cautious editor speak for hes a lying assed son of a bitch.

But never let the FACTS get in the way of a good commie conspiracy and 9th floor talking points.

However, the quote has continued to attract barbs from Labour. The Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union and Council for Trade Unions* have also used the quote and yesterday issued another round of press releases querying National’s commitment to wage increases.

*Not an arm of Labour… but they do help when Labours busy and their thrashing of Labours agenda is… “coincidence”, yes thats it “coincidence”.

So to summarize. John Key, human, falable able to admit making a mistake. Clark, Cullen and their lap dogs, thrashing a false quote and a lie to deliberately smear.

Hows dem poll guys?

Why is that do you think?

UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that Tony Verdon is the general manager, not the editor. Of course since an elemetry grasp of English reading skills would have revealed that was infact already made clear in the quote as in:

Northern Advocate general manager Tony Verdon said Dr Cullen’s version of events was incorrect.

Some elementry asumption that “Ed” has more lingual flow to it than “hey general manager” would have saved Tane of the “Lack of Any Standards” the troubler of vetting other peoples sites for them when his own is in such desperate need of a rework. Or a flamethrower.

We are gratful to Tane for his help in pointing out that the only “error” as such that he could indentify was a minor and indeed self explainitory one. We assume by this he has found nothing else in this post he can fault.

On ya Tane.

Unfortuately Tanes comment couldn’t be published due to its multiple violations of HMWAH comments policy.

Specifically: No assholes, no lying assed whinging bitches and no commie lickspitles. (Its called a redundency system for a reason.)


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