A snapshot of cultures.

JERUSALEM – A Palestinian gunman opened fire in a Jewish religious school in Jerusalem on Thursday, killing at least eight people and wounding about 10 in the most lethal attack in Israel in two years, emergency services said.

Jerusalem police chief Aharon Franco said a lone gunman carried out the attack and was killed by an off-duty Israeli army officer who lives nearby and ran to the school after hearing gunfire. Police had said earlier there were two gunmen.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but it was greeted with celebrations in the Gaza Strip,

where a recent Israeli offensive killed more than 120 Palestinians, about half of whom were identified as civilians.

In this story there is heroism. Who is it?

There is also a sick culture of hate. Who is that?

There is an attempt to excuse the murder of children (just the Jewish ones) with “spin”. Who and why?


Extra credit given for a resonable explaination for the contention that: It is good to kill children if they are Jews.

You may use reason and logic to form your arugment. You may not use and media outlet as a source.

If you are unable to complete this assignment you may be a human being.

And finally something very important to remember;

When you sent your kids off to school this morning did you fret that they might not come home tonight?


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