Be there or shut up.


Update: There is no law in heaven or on earth that prevents conservatives from posting on the same subject.

So whiny assed commie bitches making accusations of me apprently cloning DPF’s site are welcome to fuck off and keep their fucked up opinions to themselves and their own readerless sites.

And I believe its pronounced “prick” but as a former plt sgt I’ve actually had to deal with slighty worse names than that Alsion… I’m sorry jonno. You just came accross like an Alison.

That is all.


4 Responses to Be there or shut up.

  1. Jonno says:

    you sad git. Do you sit by your computer all day, waiting for DPF to post something on his blog, so that you can post something on yours. Get a life you prink.

  2. Murray says:

    Ok quick check:
    DPFs last 20 posts.

    2% growth – not covered

    Labour does not know their own law – not covered

    Clark compared unfavourably to Bush – not covered

    So jubiliant over a $4 billion writedown – similar subject matter as part of a different post.

    Audrey Young on dropping wages – not covered

    Yay – columns are back – not covered

    March on Sunday at 2 pm – covered (could be the SAME FUCKING MAILING LIST)

    Where has the surplus gone? – not covered

    Should WCC keep STV? – not covered

    Espiner on Key – not covered

    8 overseas trips and 50% staff turnover – not covered

    Dead Joey – not covered

    DPF busy – not covered

    Where are all the columns? – not covered

    How many Labour MPs are fleeing overseas – mentioned one aspect as part of another post on a different subject

    More climate change problems for Govt – not covered

    Candidates Updated – not covered

    Interest Rates – not covered

    Obama in the lead – not covered

    McCain now the effective nominee – not covered

    Not covered, not covered not covered NOT FUCKING COVERED!!!!

    Out of 20 posts we have one the same and he has two that have a conection to one of of mine. at best you have 7.5% corellation. Clearly a conspiracy!!!

    Considering we are both covering NZ politics as the bulk of our writting in the last 48 hours then I’sd have to say that that I should have a shitload MORE of the same stuff you utter fuckwit.

    And heres a thought, my time stamp is US not NZ. When I write something DPF gets 14 hours to catch up so when I write about Aarons pretty pictures on Monday evening and David covers it on Tuesday morning I actually posted it BEFORE him meaning that unless I have amazing precog powers I didn’t actually get it from his site.

    Am I typing yoo fast for you here Cletus?

    Here’s a though DPF and I move in similar blogging circles and bleong to at least one of the same organisations, it POSSIBLE limp dick that we might actually find a similar story interesting without having to fucking hold hands over a cadlelight table about it.

    Now fuck off you sad little git your two seconds of fame on my dime up.

    BTW its just weather.

  3. OT, and lighter: Hey, Murray, when you gonna build one of these?,2933,335801,00.html

  4. Murray says:

    Oh jeeze Steven thats not art, its just technology.

    Dammit Jim I’m a magister tormentorum, not a janitor!

    The wood for Katire arrives next week. 3.6 meters of throwing arm flinging goodness.

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