Labour opens the seacocks and heads for the lifeboats.

Having just put themselves into the red (with our money) for the first time in 15 years the Labour vampires are not out to create the Guiness Book of World Records newest entry for a hospital pass by going out buying businesses that LOSE money. Meanwhile the pommy history teaching is going around turning on all the taps to help the ship fill up quicker.

So lets see, you’ve over taxed us and stored up a mountain of cash.

You’ve blown all the cash.

When you had the cash Doc Sullen said no we can’t give you tax cuts because “tax cuts are inflationary) but now that you’ve blown the money you say “tax cuts are not inflationary” and you’re going to piss the money away like a drunken sailor on pay night.

Now because there is no money left and speding and been set to tripple insane speed… LETS GO SHOPPING!

Yes thats right viewers, we’re going on a retail therapy expedition. but not just for new socks and a toasted sandwhich maker. We’re going to buy infrastructure! But wait, theres MORE! Not just any old infrastructure, we want the stuff the LOSSES money!!

So to sum up, you’ve raped us financially for 8 years, you’ve blown all the cash with shit investments and upsizing government (meanwhile a benefit fraudster has made us money with good investments), you’re going to give us tax cuts because when you have cash they’re inflationary but when you’re in the red they aren’t and finally you’ve decided that your legacy to the incoming government will be this lovely gift basket of LEMONS!

You’re real fucking piece of work labour.


Doc Sullen enjoys a joke at the expense
of the New Zealand tax payer.


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