And then the Rastafarians attacked! Movie review

An eclaktic collection of cultures, climates, conspiracy theories clashes with some left over cgi models of the building of the pryamids and walking with dinosaurs.  Plot inspired by Clan of the Cave Bear, Androcles and the Sabre Toothed Tiger, a bad acid trip and a liberal application of von Danigans Razor.

Numo uno “oh my god” moment. – John Anthony Wests lion faced sphinx.

Numo uno “what the hell was that all about” moment. – The attack of the giant killer chickens. 

Aside from that… it was ok. The blue eyed rasta chick was hot I guess in a for the love of god will you just find some soap sort of way. Hey it was free, the advantages of knowing someone who does reviews (and gets PAID for it -whats up with that?) and gets free tickets.

I was thinking of seeing Dawn Rescue but read this and decided not to. Why mess with the facts when the truth is more powerful than any fiction?

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