The country’s youngest killer, Bailey Junior Kurariki, is an articulate, intelligent young man, who appears genuine in his desire to live an offence-free life, the Parole Board said yesterday.

This guy is a hardened killer. Don’t let the babyface fool you. He knew what he was doing and he has never regretted it. In fact he is under the impression that he is a celrebrity because of it. He has been involved in multiple violent incidents while inside and shows no connection with the concept of cause and effect.

This profile they have just presented flys in the face of all available information which indicates that he is expected to reoffend pretty much on his way home if hes let out.

Witness their last report:

The comments are in stark contrast to Parole Board reports released in January and July last year, which said Kurariki was “at very high risk of general and violent reoffending”.

So what are they going to do?

The Parole Board said yesterday it had adjourned Kurariki’s parole hearing for one month to allow funding of a mentoring programme to be investigated. He is due to be released on September 16.

“Despite the problems he presented with earlier in his incarceration he has over the past several months, and particularly since his transfer to the [withheld] Unit, showed a self-discipline and determination to stay out of trouble and benefit from the programmes available to him.”

And theres the message for all inside, just say the right words for 8 or so weeks and we’ll let you out!

But thats no biggie to the parole board. Letting out killers to kill again is what they do.

The function of the parole board is to protect the New Zealand public from violent criminals. You have failed us… again… and aigan… and AGAIN!!

If you have any sympathy for anyone it should be this lady:

Mr Choy’s mother, Rita Croskery, told the Herald yesterday that she hoped Kurariki was reformed, but said it would be difficult to know whether he had really changed. “Because he’s expecting to be released, he’s got to behave himself so I suppose he’s restrained himself and learned a little bit of self-discipline in the meantime.”

Whatever happens her son is still dead. Beaten by Kurariki and his pack of thug mates for a couple of pizzas and some cash.


3 Responses to Bullshit! DANGEROUS BULLHIT!!!

  1. Alisa says:

    The kid was 12, holy cow. Unfortunately, I tend to agree with you. I wouldn’t agree if he was caught stealing, for example, maybe not even if it was an armed robbery – I would have given him a benefit of the doubt, and presumed that he did not intend to actually kill anyone. But he actually murdered another kid. I seriously doubt he is reformable. Some people are just evil, and apparently they don’t necessarily wait for adulthood to become evil. What a horrible story.

  2. I believe that he is needing to dangle by the neck, from a length of hemp rope

  3. Ron in Regina says:

    Our Canadian Justice System is broken, and it has been for quite
    some time. If we the People do not step forward and let our
    voices be heard, in mass, then change will not come and the
    system will remain broken allowing a “catch & release” program
    for violent sexual offenders and others who would pose a danger
    to our spouces, our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves to
    enter our neighborhoods, and our lives. If we, the People, do
    nothing…then we can expect nothing to happen and nothing to
    change…with only ourselves to blame.

    I’ve been to the website http://www.kimmieslaw.com/ and believe
    every citizen of Canada should also. Can you (all of you) please
    encourage everyone you know to visit this website, and to then
    step up to the plate in writing their M.P.’s, and MLA’s, and City
    Councilors, and their Mayors….and the Justice Ministers both
    Provincially and Federally, and the Prime Minister of our Country.
    Change will not come from our individual silence.

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