DPF’s bullshit poll to push his agdenda.

Jesus Dave why don’t you just publish the results now and save the chirade of stacking the ballots?

David first tells us all about how polling outfits can regulate the results of their surveys by stacking the questions.

Then we get his own little capitalist driven poll question on the left.

Should employees be allowed to work on a public holiday

if they wish to earn extra money?

Firstly a strawman question, follwed by what we IN THE TRADE call end loading a question in a double barral format.

Yes – it is their right

No – I know what is best for them

Not just a simple yes or no to his heavily laoded question but if you do not follow Davids line of “he has no family and he wants to be making money 24/7 and everyone else can cram it” thinking then you both have to firstly violate someones “rights” closely followed by forcing your opinions on them.

Firstly it is not anyones RIGHT to work all day every day. It never has been. For those of you that came in late there was a time when you did your shopping once a week on a late night usually either a Thursday or Friday. The concept of Saturday trading is actually quite recent let alone the 24 hour shit we see now.

Secondly David, like John Key is horribly out of touch with working conditions for people at the bottom of the food chain where having a “right” doesn’t mean you’re going to exercise that “right” without consequence. If employers (and employees) were all even handed and fair people there would be no such thing as the employment tribunal.

When an employer tells you to work you have the choice of working or finding yourself getting less hours. If that means your kids know you by a photo and the guy sleeping late on Easter morning thats fine with Dave because he wants you to have the right to have more money!

Screw the fact that to many people time with their kids is actually more valuable than minimum wage. Dave says its all about the money!

For many many low income workers the statutory holidays are the ONLY time they can be sure they will be able to get some family time without being presured by their employer to work.

I challange David to run two polls together. First his neolinguisic programing for his position and then one for the workers.

Should employees be coerced into working on a public holiday

if they wish to spend time with their families?

Yes – If they don’t like it they can be replaced!

No – We’ve already abolished slavery once in this country why are we trying to reinstitute it?

Full marks for trying to be cute DPF. 0 out of 10 for honesty.


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