Amatures get it wrong again.

When I was sitting the test for my firearms liscence I had a sit though a mountain safety council lecture on firearms safety and handling.

The instant they head hunter found out I was army I was a marked man. He gleefully informed the class (90% of whom I wouldn’t trust with a spud gun) that I was “dangerous” and he would take great delight in failing me. Apparently I had an “attitude problem” because like all soldiers I referred to weapons as weapons not “firearms” as all decent peace loving pixies of the mountains do.

This meant that I was a threat to all and sundry because I saw what I was holding as being an instrament of death and destruction while he and his band of tree elves saw them as “tools” for a job.

Long term readers will of course be asuming I didn’t sit there and take it. Quite so. I took the position that he rationale was in fact upside down. I also casually pointed out that he had just gotten through telling us a series of horror stories about all the people who had been killed in the previous months (FIVE) by hunters. This included people leaving things loaded and the number one killer – taking a shot when you shouldn’t. Including shooting at an open ridge line and taget miss-identification.

I followed this up with the fact of the army having fired off several million rounds in the same period and not having killed anyone we didn’t mean to because

a: we hit what we’re aiming at

b: we’re really hard on target indentification and safety.

He got a little bitter and twisted and kept up his “all soldiers are cowboys” rant for the rest of the evening and kept me after everyone else had left so he didn’t have to admit I’d scored 100% of their bullshit paper test and his joy at failing me had met with “defered success”.

There’s a fundemental difference between hunters and soldiers. Soldiers use wepons as a profession. Hunters use “firearms” to be amatures.

You don’t “mistake” a man for a deer, you FAIL to correctly identify your taget.

One man is dead, the guy who killed him will have to live with taking out his own daughters boyfriend, a father, mother and sister have lost someone and the ripples expand to other family and friends.

Because one man shot like an amature.

One round and you’ve turned a lot of lives to shit forever. Thats all it takes.

Assume you’re going to hit what you’re aiming at. If you don’t know where you’re shooting buddy is assume he’s in the splash area and be ABSOLUTELY sure of what you’re shooting at.

Because you can call that thing in your hands a daisy for all it matters, its STILL a weapon.

Just some advice from a man with an attitude problem. Who has never killed anyone.


5 Responses to Amatures get it wrong again.

  1. I don’t understand why a hunter would have an attitude problem about the Army. That’s certainly not the case here, so far as I know.

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Perhaps because so many hunters are amateurs, years of layoff and I can still, with iron sights, outshoot a lot of the local so called hunters-but I will admit not the best of them. But as Steven said, then down the nose bit doesn’t happen here very often. R

  3. krm says:

    Some people have a bizarro pathological hatred of the military – generally the clueless pacifist Leftist sorts who believe the weapons are the sources of evil (rather than tools used by bad guys as well as those who protect us from the bad guys).

    A lot of other people are hostile to the military out of envy/jealousy/inadequacy.

  4. Alisa says:

    Yes, but those usually are not the hunting types, at least not in the US.

  5. Murray says:

    If guns kill people then pens make spelling mistakes and spoons made Rosie o’Donell fat.

    In New Zealand the MSC and Civil defence are usually on point for any SAR and they wont call the army in untill they’re looking for a body.

    They’re very precious about their “expert” status.

    They’re first call though is to the air force for choppers. Beats walking to the search area.

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