Meet Katie..

Katie is an Aries of mixed pine and Dutch Elm descent who likes sitting really still and then smashing stuff from a distance. Although the “new kid” in the game Katie is in fact the biggest machine of her type who can claim a real 13th Century pedigree.

Katie is joining veteran machines Chucky and The Dragon along with another newbie Scipio the ballista at an exhibition at Te Manawa starting on the 7th April. After this they will all be heading off to the Wairarapa where stuff will be smashed, blown up, shot and possibly set fire to if everything fails to go according to plan.


If you are interested in sponsoring Katie or any of the other machines in the exhibition naming rights are available just drop me a line for details.


8 Responses to Meet Katie..

  1. Katie is a trebuchet? How tall is she?

  2. […] has been busy working on his latest trebuchet. I want one, preferably with wheels which I can roll down the road to Parliament! Tags: Fun Things, […]

  3. dad4justice says:

    I wish Katie all the best with her noble endeavours and I’m rather jealous I don’t have one because I would marry her on the spot.

  4. artandmylife says:

    I was associated with a Thompson street (Palmerston) trebuchet. Is this one of the vetrans?

  5. Murray says:

    That would be Urban Disturbance. Darrens scrap heap challenge machine.

  6. artandmylife says:

    Well it was fun building it

  7. artandmylife says:

    BTW – I am a friend of Conal’s

  8. Beth Donovan says:

    Murray, that’s awesome! Someday, you must come here to Castle Argghhh! and teach John how to make one!

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