So I went to get some lunch…

but I had to duck and run to avoid the sniper fire and I only had time to grab a filled roll before the shop was closed for safety reasons and we had to run for the plane. And thats what happened.

Oh yeah shes gonna be president… of fantasy land.


2 Responses to So I went to get some lunch…

  1. barnsleybill says:

    i myself was lucky to avoid evisceration whilst ordering my double shot , trim milk cappuccino with chocolate at cafe zest in kerikeri road this morning. I caught my success gut on the door handle as i walked towards the corral of shame (smoking area).
    Clinton is a lying sack of shit .

  2. krm says:

    The deal (to ramp down the hostilities there) her hubby got through a fter months before that was one of the only bright spots of her co-presidency with Bubba – the one that gave her all that “experience” she bases her campaign on.

    Experience is like luck. You only want the good stuff.

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