Yeah! Screw future generations,

April 30, 2008

what have they ever done for me?

Get behind this new holiday.


Free Trebuchet Plan

April 30, 2008

Ok here is an updated plan of Tiny that is free2u.

You will note the little copywrite symbol on each sheet. You may use this plan – free-tiny – to build your own catapult for a school project of personal use. You may not employ it in any comercial manner whatsoever. If you do the copywrite laws apply, but they wont save you because I’ll get to you first.

There’s a couple of details missing that I’ll give you when you email me for them. Important safety tip, good manners cost nothing. Escpecially when you’re the one with the need, not me. Please not this plan is the result of a substantial ammount of work and has now been downloaded over 4,500 times. Future free plans depend on me being able to carry out more research so if you are able to shell out a entire $1 donation towards helping the research fund it will pay off down the road with more plans for you. Think of it as an inventment in throwing stuff!

Well to date downloads have hit 3,500, which coincidently is what it will be costing me $NZD for each crewmember I take to Denmark for a major research project. Interestingly I haven’t actually recieved a single donation in spite of the obvious popularity of the plan so I’m adding a button for a $1 donation so you don’t have to feel bad about not having much to give. $1 is good and if you can afford to build a small trebuchet you can probably spare $1 for me.

I’ve also started producing some plans for sale, also at an excessively resonable $1 starting with a slot together table top onager which you can find here.

If you’re looking for Tiananmen Square

April 28, 2008

its in fucking China, this is Aotea Square pal.

If you want to preach no politics in sport you came to the wrong place, here politics IS sport and vice versa. We had a civil war over not that long ago.

The huge crowd chanted in Chinese “Proud of China” while speakers expressed their desire for politics and sport to be kept separate.

You want to use violence to force your politics on others, again you’re looking for Tiananmen Square.

“I was standing up with the Tibetan flag when they all came rushing. They ripped off our flags and I took a few punches to the head.”

Planes leave daily. Seeyoubye.

Nice to see the New Zealand police protecting the rights of foriegners to assults kiwis though. Must make you proud to wear the uniform eh guys? 

In another incident, bystander Daniel Klein said three of his friends were taken away by police aftera verbal exchange with thepro-China marchers turned physical.

Travis Rapana, who said the marchers were allowed to “run wild” on Queen St, said he saw another scuffle between marchers and passersby on Queen St.

“It was pretty intense,” said Mr Rapana. “There was a lot of intimidation going on. A lot of people didn’t like it – a lot of Kiwis didn’t like it.”

Thats right, we don’t like it. You might want to do a review of the early 80’s thing because you can only piss us off so far and we don’t need visa’s to stay here. Its ours.

Yeah baby.

April 28, 2008

Gotta love free speech. I’m a kiwi, where can I get some though… oh right, Australia.

Stolen from here.


Right I’m off for the weekend.

April 24, 2008

Feel free to drop by. I’ll be here.


If this one is caused by Gorebull warming…

April 23, 2008

Scientists: Alps largest glacier gone within 20 years SHOCK HORROR!
Then the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers just down the road advancing at 10 times the standard rate means?

Give them a minute and they’ll tell use why this also means gorebull warming and why we’re idiots too stupid to grasp why two contridicting factors mean the same thing.

And for some reason this means that we have to give the Russians half a billion dollars or some such crapola. But they gave Hullen an award for it even though we’re the fourth worst abuser so its all good.

Why I want to be Ron Toms when I grow up.

April 23, 2008

Although the two might be mutually exclusive.

So, I’ve been searching, negotiating, analyzing and going generally crazy, but FINALLY, I just closed a deal for a big empty field in rural Texas, where I’m going to start building a Catapult themed park.

Catapult Park will be a place to come see real, authentic, working, life-sized models of Trebuchets, Onagers, Ballistae and more. And you won’t have to go all the way to Denmark or Warwick to do it! It’ll be right here in the middle of Texas. I might even re-build T-Wrecks!

Ok now Tom started out in the catapulting world hand cutting catapult kitsets in his garage. Now hes blown his wealth of a bit of land so he needs more cash for building the park. So go and shop. The kits a good quality, educational and fun.

All your flinging needs can be met at the following links

Catapult plans
Trebuchet kits, books and simulators

Onager kits and stuff
Ballistae and stuff

If you’re a retailer and are interested in stocking anything drop me a line and I’ll pass you Rons details.