Sure we can do that…

Advocate asks Govt to register ‘wife-bashers’

BUT! If you do that then you also have to have a register of women who:

1. Claim they were drugged then raped but show only alcohol in their blood tests (currently estimated by doctors to be 90%) Deal with the fact that you’re a slapper and got drunk and laid.

2 Make multiple sexual harrasment/rape claims and wreck the lives of men who have been stuipd enough to cross paths with them. Yay you’re clever you won another man taken down. Ever wondered why you’re alone, childless and living with eight cats at the age of 35?

Futher these women must be forced to wear a big red letter B sewn to their clothing.

Hands up anyone else sick of the feminazi regime of Hulen Klak where simply having a penis means you’re a potential pedophile who can’t be trusted to even sit next to a child pn an Air New Zealand plane. A country where no man is willing to become a teacher and provide kids with positive male role models because some 13 year old can just stick her hand up and say he touched me and its all over.

The net result being that we have the most violent young people running riot and not even accountable.

Stop the man bashing, you’re fucking our society!


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