Me have one of dose 2



Te Manawa atrium - ready for siege.

(Mine get more visitars!)

Speaking of which if you happen to be in Palmerston North why not stop by Te Manawa and take a look. They’ll be on the range at Gladstone over Anzac weekend with other machines then back in the museum the following week.

Scipio - Greek ballista 4th century BC


3 Responses to Me have one of dose 2

  1. How many of those did you make?

    The first one is a ballista, right?
    The second is a mangonel.
    As to the third, I can’t remember the name. It isn’t a crossbow; it has a different name than that.
    The fourth is a trebuchet.

  2. Murray says:

    Tick, tick, BEEEB tick.

    I would have accepted giant crossbow or abalest. I made all of them except the arbalest. There was also a display for some scouts yesterday that had three trebuchets, I made two of those as well.

    Check out the video.

  3. Arbalest was the name I was trying to remember.

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