If this one is caused by Gorebull warming…

Scientists: Alps largest glacier gone within 20 years SHOCK HORROR!
Then the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers just down the road advancing at 10 times the standard rate means?

Give them a minute and they’ll tell use why this also means gorebull warming and why we’re idiots too stupid to grasp why two contridicting factors mean the same thing.

And for some reason this means that we have to give the Russians half a billion dollars or some such crapola. But they gave Hullen an award for it even though we’re the fourth worst abuser so its all good.

6 Responses to If this one is caused by Gorebull warming…

  1. ZenTiger says:

    It all makes perfect sense in the minds of the looney left.

    Except that China is now the world’s worst polluter, and our ice is shrinking because of China. Now that we have a free trade agreement, this must mean that Helen can phone up, explain the damage they are causing to our environment and China will nicely pay all of our Kyoto taxes on our behalf. After all, the left always know that some-one else has to take responsibility for our problems.

    Gee, maybe Helen needs to be nominated for a Nobel as well?

  2. WebWrat says:

    This really pisses me off!! The Murchison River flows out of the Murchison Valley and runs down beside the Tasman Glacier – between the hillside and the moraine wall.

    About 1994 a rock slide came off the hill, blocked the Murchison and diverted it into the Tasman terminal lake. Since the warm water of the Murchison has been flowing into the terminal lake, it has trebled in size.

    I’d post a photo and show you if I knew how.

    In about two days DOC could put the river back where it belongs with a digger and save the Tasman by about 300 years!

    Can’t do that tho’ …. not natural.

    Never mention the river.

    Must be gorebal warming.

  3. WebWrat says:

    I just dedicated 15 minutes to loading the Herald link @ 16Kbps dial up.

    These are the scientists that perpetuate the GAF = Global Alarm Fest?


  4. Murray says:

    Send the photos to me, I’ll load em.

  5. WebWrat says:

    On their way Murray.

  6. krm says:

    Everything is evidence of GoreBull Warming. And anything that appears to be contrary to GoreBull Warming is evidence of GoreBull Warming – it is just more nuanced than a mouth breather like [fill in the name of the ‘denier’ in question here] can comprehend.

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