Why I want to be Ron Toms when I grow up.

Although the two might be mutually exclusive.

So, I’ve been searching, negotiating, analyzing and going generally crazy, but FINALLY, I just closed a deal for a big empty field in rural Texas, where I’m going to start building a Catapult themed park.

Catapult Park will be a place to come see real, authentic, working, life-sized models of Trebuchets, Onagers, Ballistae and more. And you won’t have to go all the way to Denmark or Warwick to do it! It’ll be right here in the middle of Texas. I might even re-build T-Wrecks!

Ok now Tom started out in the catapulting world hand cutting catapult kitsets in his garage. Now hes blown his wealth of a bit of land so he needs more cash for building the park. So go and shop. The kits a good quality, educational and fun.

All your flinging needs can be met at the following links

Catapult plans
Trebuchet kits, books and simulators

Onager kits and stuff
Ballistae and stuff

If you’re a retailer and are interested in stocking anything drop me a line and I’ll pass you Rons details.


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