If you’re looking for Tiananmen Square

its in fucking China, this is Aotea Square pal.

If you want to preach no politics in sport you came to the wrong place, here politics IS sport and vice versa. We had a civil war over not that long ago.

The huge crowd chanted in Chinese “Proud of China” while speakers expressed their desire for politics and sport to be kept separate.

You want to use violence to force your politics on others, again you’re looking for Tiananmen Square.

“I was standing up with the Tibetan flag when they all came rushing. They ripped off our flags and I took a few punches to the head.”

Planes leave daily. Seeyoubye.

Nice to see the New Zealand police protecting the rights of foriegners to assults kiwis though. Must make you proud to wear the uniform eh guys? 

In another incident, bystander Daniel Klein said three of his friends were taken away by police aftera verbal exchange with thepro-China marchers turned physical.

Travis Rapana, who said the marchers were allowed to “run wild” on Queen St, said he saw another scuffle between marchers and passersby on Queen St.

“It was pretty intense,” said Mr Rapana. “There was a lot of intimidation going on. A lot of people didn’t like it – a lot of Kiwis didn’t like it.”

Thats right, we don’t like it. You might want to do a review of the early 80’s thing because you can only piss us off so far and we don’t need visa’s to stay here. Its ours.


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