Free Trebuchet Plan

Ok here is an updated plan of Tiny that is free2u.

You will note the little copywrite symbol on each sheet. You may use this plan – free-tiny – to build your own catapult for a school project of personal use. You may not employ it in any comercial manner whatsoever. If you do the copywrite laws apply, but they wont save you because I’ll get to you first.

There’s a couple of details missing that I’ll give you when you email me for them. Important safety tip, good manners cost nothing. Escpecially when you’re the one with the need, not me. Please not this plan is the result of a substantial ammount of work and has now been downloaded over 4,500 times. Future free plans depend on me being able to carry out more research so if you are able to shell out a entire $1 donation towards helping the research fund it will pay off down the road with more plans for you. Think of it as an inventment in throwing stuff!

Well to date downloads have hit 3,500, which coincidently is what it will be costing me $NZD for each crewmember I take to Denmark for a major research project. Interestingly I haven’t actually recieved a single donation in spite of the obvious popularity of the plan so I’m adding a button for a $1 donation so you don’t have to feel bad about not having much to give. $1 is good and if you can afford to build a small trebuchet you can probably spare $1 for me.

I’ve also started producing some plans for sale, also at an excessively resonable $1 starting with a slot together table top onager which you can find here.

21 Responses to Free Trebuchet Plan

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  2. […] Heres a free trebuchet plan for you. Read ther post […]

  3. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Does flinging poo into the nieghbor’s garden constitute a commercial use?

  4. Murray says:

    Only if you get paid for it. In which case we duscuss my cut in the form of jam.

  5. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Blackberries made it through the last (hopefully) late frost, prospect is good.

  6. Murray says:

    You have a go for launch.

  7. […] Tiny turns 300! The free trebuchet plan I put up less than two months ago had its 300th downlaod yesterday and is #2 on google for free […]

  8. Gary says:

    So, how do we get the plans?

  9. Murray says:

    You can get it by clicking on the highlighted text “free-tiny”.

  10. Jamie says:


    Could I please get the other instructions for making this trebeche? And if so how do I??


  11. Jamie says:

    Sorry I’ll need to be more specific than that. Iam looking for the other plans for the ‘free tiny’ trebuchet. I just wnted to know where to get them.


  12. […] I started with Tiny: (A free plan is here) […]

  13. Ciaron says:

    Geez Murray, shut the troll gate! 🙂

  14. Murray says:

    It keeps me amused.

  15. natalie vega says:


  16. jeanette says:

    Help! I see the plan for the Tiny, but there’s apparently some info missing, according to the description. The problem for me is that the ’email me’ link does not work. So,how do I get the missing info?

  17. Luke says:

    Whats the constuction order for the free plans, its slightly confusing

  18. Xavier - Walter E. Stebbins High School says:

    Hello Sir,

    You may or may not read this. I am Xavier Bailey a Stebbins High School student in Jim Prater’s Engineering Technology class. Currently I and a team of 3 high school engineers are working on a trebuchet for a class competition. Our parameters are a maximum axle height of 482.6 millimeters (19 in). I am requesting if you have plans for a smaller trebuchet . I understand you may be busy but your kindness would be greater appreciated. Thank you.

  19. bubba says:

    Having been a Roman engineer in a previous incarnation I didn’t really need a set of plans, but I was missing the ideal pivot point on the arm. Thanks to you I now know it’s ~4.25/1.375.

    I’m currently finishing a 48″ model that should fling flaming orange bombs a hundred feet or more. If you’d like the recipe for flaming orange bombs, contact me.

    Thanks again!

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