Cullens all or nothing budget!

May 30, 2008






Rather than closing on Nationals 14 point lead they slipped even further. Quick someone smear John Key, that worked so well last time! 

Criss Troter – commie cunt.

May 30, 2008

Chris has taken time out from his busy sycophantic rant schedule to piss on Vets.

Love your timing Trotskey

In his “I hate all Kiwi servicemen” nappy soiling he goes to enourmous lengths to educate you dear reader that New Zealand soldiers are in Nazis by repeating references to Nazi Germany like some demented manual subliminal messaging system… without the subliminal part.

As the years since the Vietnam War’s end in 1975 have rolled by, the New Zealand authorities have opted to answer that question in the same way the Germans decided to answer it, by focusing on, and celebrating, the courage of the ordinary soldier, and remaining studiously silent about the evil purposes to which that courage was applied.

He starts off with a Nazi theme, it gets more Nazi in the middle and peaks with Nazi at the end.

Nice tribute toy the National SOCIALISTS fuckwit.

I urge you all to never buy another Dompost while they are giving him money to turn out this crap.

And vote ACT.

Good day to you.


May 30, 2008

Apparently one of the questions in the Greek History exam in NOT who was purple and conqured the world?”

So no use for my Alexander the Grape answer.

What are you kidding me????

May 29, 2008

Who the hell schedules an exam for a Saturday morning???

Don’t mess with me people, I don’t do sit-ins but I CAN lay siege to the admin building!

Meh, with an A average I can just phone it in on the day.

Attention Clackmas.

May 29, 2008

Perhaps the person from the Clackamas Education Service District might like to contact me directly regarding catapult plans.


May 29, 2008


The New Zealand space program..

May 29, 2008


I say we put Cullen in orbit.

Casually stolen from DPF.

Somewhere in the world a man is sober..

May 28, 2008

For only a dollar a day you can change this.

Thats right give me your money and I’ll piss it away! 100% of your donation* will go the the recipent… and his nearest bottle store. I feel the need to get really smashed and that can’t be done on a student allowance. So give, give early give often. its as worthy as anything the government is blowing your taxes on and i’m not trying to sell on it being something its not.

Drinking Binge Fund

*Except paypals bloody fees. Bastards!

Total Funds Raised Level = Stone cold sober.

The Jewish Rowing Team.

May 27, 2008

Yeshiva University decided to field a rowing team. Unfortunately, they lose race after race. Even though they practice and practice for hours everyday, they never manage to come in any better than dead last.

Finally, the team decides to send Morris Fishbein, its captain, to spy on Harvard, the perennial championship team.

So Morris schlepps off to Cambridge and hides in the bushes next to the Charles River, where he carefully watches the Harvard team at its daily practices. After a week, Morris returns to Yeshiva.

“Well, I figured out their secret”, he announces.

“What? Tell us! Tell us!” his teammates shout.

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Its apropriate for Clark to appologise to Viet Nam vets.

May 26, 2008

Since she and her chardonay socialist MP’s were the ones I watched spitting on men like my father and calling them baby killers.

Aside from that. Get fucked. Seriously.

Too little way too late and a purely cynical exercise from another failed commie hack.

$30 million to the vets and their families and with the requirments held to the specific ailments that the government decides. You denied their cliams for years untill one guy pulled out the maps and proved not only that they were right but that you and every other government KNEW it the whole time.

You should count youself privilaged to crawl to these guys asking for forgiveness. They’d probably give it, they’re bettert than I am.