They’re inside the yellow signs and they’re attacking your base.


Its about bloody time that this country woke up. We’re a soft target and we’re going to be hit. In fact we just were. Unsuprising especially with this softcock approach. If that base was being worked by a private company FIRE THEM, then sue for breech on contract. If it was military then court martial the unit commander and the durty officer for dereliction of duty, post the rest to HMNZS Irirangi see how they like the mountain view.

Slap a combat unit in there and rotate so they stay awake.

I don’t care where the religious fanatics come from or what their agenda is. They are terrorists. That Defence Area sign is not a joke, you can be killed by getting inside them and attacking stuff. When people plan to ram the gates and destroy millions of dollars in hardware – YOU SHOOT THEM.

The next wannabes will think twice.


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