TV3 Wrong… AGAIN. Maybe I should just say still.

For those that were watching the little messages scrolling accross the screen this morning you would have seen that in Austalia the place where Ned Kelly died is being excavated.



The place they are digging up is the site of the Glenrowan Inn where Kellys gang had themselves a bit of a shootout on the 28th June 1880. They fought the law and the law won. Kelly was taken, tried and hanged on the 11th November that year.

Neds remains were uncovered on the site of an abandoned prison along with the remains of 31 other excuted felons in March this year.

This information is freely available and took me 12 seconds to find (I’m not a fast typist), the only information I started with was knowing that Ned was hung not killed during the shootout. You evidently launched from fantasyland.

So TV3 are you confused over the excavation site or just plain bloody lazy? Are you a news source during what you have billed as your “news” or are you selling “fictional entertainment” inccorectly labeled? 

If I had the time and the will to check everything you tell would I find ANYTHING that was actualy accurate?


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