Live by the web, go down by the web.

At long last it looks like Megan Meier might get a tiny little bit of justice in compensation for her far too short life.

Megan’s mother, Tina Meier, told The Associated Press she believed media reports and public outrage helped move the case forward for prosecution.

Yeah that was us, the good old bloggers who go angry and exposed this to some sunlight. Ya us. Frankly I never should have heard of Megan because she shouldn’t become news.

Consider this a warning, there ARE consequences to your actions. Even online.

Note: BEFORE you add any comment here don’t just go read the one link please. There’s a lot of conflicting information so do some googling and look around before you jump in and say something stupid because you’ll test my non-existant patience.

As far as i’m concerned it is the primary function of society to protect little girls becaue if we haven’t got that right nothing else is worth anything. 


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