20th May 1941

German paratroopers began the worlds first large scale airbourne invasion by dropping on the 2nd NZ Div on Crete.

They eventually won.

But they didn’t try it again.


2 Responses to 20th May 1941

  1. Errol says:

    The acting Prime Minister of New Zealand to Admiral Cunningham,
    Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet (Alexandria)
    2 June 1941
    We have been told by our Prime Minister and have read of the wonderful work
    of yourself and the men under your command in sustaining, succouring, and
    relieving our men in Crete. Your efforts have inspired the people of New
    Zealand to continue to give all that they have to free the world from the
    menace of Nazi domination. For your magnificent enterprise and courage
    during the past twelve days, please accept for yourself, and convey to your
    officers and men, the heart-felt thanks of the Government and people of New
    See also

  2. Murray says:

    “It takes three years to build a ship and three hundred years to build a tradition.”

    And for those of you who like to slang of the Royal family Prince Philip was there fishing his cousin Mountbatten out of the drink when the Kelly went down.

    That stuff on his uniform didn’t come out of a cereal box.

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