The Shire Strikes Back!

One year ago almost to the day some little rag podcast stole one of my posts and used in their podcast.

Today Hitting Metal With A Hammer stuck back.

Didn’t see that coming did you.


One Response to The Shire Strikes Back!

  1. USBeast says:

    Dear Murray,

    Good job. You might consider a podcast for HMWAH. I would be a regular listener.

    You might also consider expanding your vocabulary with regards to adjectives and adverbs.

    If the Anglosphere is to survive, the English language must be respected on the world stage. While it is cathartic to vent one’s spleen with invective in private, when one enters the Forum one must command the greatest respect for one’s argument.

    I have seen perfectly reasonable positions destroyed by opponents asking: “You kiss your mama with that mouth?”

    The culture that produced Shakespeare, Milton, Twain, Kipling, Douglas Adams, you and…me deserves the best language we can whip out and respect for the sensibilities of our audience.

    My best to you and yours,

    U. S. Beast

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